Czech Money
The Koruna is the currency unit in Czech Republic.
100 halé? = 1 koruna

Czech currency exists in both Paper and Coin forms.
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Czech Money and Czech Banks
Czech Money The Koruna is the official currency of Czech Republic. 1 Koruna (CZK) = 100 halé?. The Czech currency is available in both paper Notes and Coins. For an instant online currency exchange rate click here.

Koruna Exchange Rate Indicators as of October 2007
1 Australian Dollar  -  17.27552727 Koruna
1 British Pound  -  39.71989682 Koruna
1 Canadian Dollar  -  19.57322727 Koruna
1 Euro  -  27.55239621 Koruna
1 Swiss Franc  -  16.57066252 Koruna
1 US Dollar  -  19.54495753 Koruna
 Currency Exchange
Foreign currencies and traveller’s cheques can be exchanged at banks, bureaux de change and airports, railway stations, ports & major hotels in Czech Republic at the official exchange rates.

Credit & Debit Cards: American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted in Czech Republic. Check with your credit or debit card company for details of merchant acceptability in Czech Republic. ATMs are widely available.

Traveller Cheques: International traveller’s cheques in Stirling Pounds, Euro, US Dollars are widely accepted.
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 Banks in Czech Republic
Bank of Czech Republic in Czech Republic

HSBC Bank in Czech Republic

Czech Commercial Bank in Czech Republic

Other High Street Banks in Czech Republic

Online Banks in Czech Republic

Banking Hours in Czech Republic: Mon-Fri .
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 Shops in Czech Republic
Book Shops in Czech Republic

Clothes Shops in Czech Republic

Department Stores in Czech Republic

Electrical Shops in Czech Republic

Florists in Czech Republic

Markets in Czech Republic

Shopping Centres in Czech Republic

Sports Shops in Czech Republic

Gifts Shop in Czech Republic

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 Useful Travel Money Saving Tips
Travel Insurance: Buy your travel insurance for Czech Republic direct from an Insurance Company than your travel agent. Click on Travel Insurance Companies in UK to compare and buy cheap travel insurance.

Mobile Phone Calls: Avoid mobile roaming charges, with an international SIM card for Czech Republic. Receive FREE incoming and call UK for less by clicking here.

International Phone Cards: International calling cards for Czech Republic can save you lots of money when calling home from Czech Republic.

Credit and Debit Cards: Choosing the best credit or debit card to use on holiday can make a big difference.
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