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Czech Republic has a good public transport system with domestic and international airports, road and rail networks between major cities and towns of Czech Republic.
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Public Transport in Czech Republic
Czech Republic Airports, Trains, Bus and Taxis
Czech Republic Airports, Trains, Bus and Taxis
Information on all forms of public transport in Czech Republic, routes, maps, journey planner are published here. The tables below will focus on the options available: travel by rail, travel by air, and travel by car and bus tours of Czech Republic. The chart, below, gives approximate travel times (in hrs and min).
    Air  Road  Rail
Prague to Brno  -  -  -
Prague to Plzen  -  -  -
Prague to Liberec  -  -  -
Prague to Karlovy Vary  -  -  -
Prague to Plzen  -  -  -
 Air Travel in Czech Republic
There are numerous internal domestic flights between Prague, Plzen, Brno, Ceske Budejovice and other major cities with good domestic network of airports in Czech Republic.

There is an extensive domestic flight network operated by the national airline, Czech Airlines and other Airlines.

All the major airports in Czech Republic including Prague Airport can be found here.
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 Travel by Road in Czech Republic
Car Travel in Czech Republic: Several leading car hire companies operates in Czech Republic.

Travel by Bus in Czech Republic:

Travel by Taxi in Czech Republic:
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 Trains in Czech Republic
Trains in Czech Republic are operated by Czech Raiways.

Information about Train Stations in Czech Republic can be found here.

For more information on travelling round the country by train in Czech Republic click on here.
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 Transport Links
Airport Shuttle Service in Czech Republic

Airport Taxi in Czech Republic

Driving Maps of Czech Republic

European Breakdown Recovery Service in Czech Republic

Ferries to and from Czech Republic

Railway Maps of Czech Republic

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