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Czech Republic has a rich and colourful culture, and many exotic monuments and stunning beaches, which draw millions of visitors each year. More info
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About Czech Republic
Czech Republic Traval Information Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and shares it's borders with Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia . Czech Republic’s capital and largest city is Prague.

The tables below provide you with important facts about Czech Republic and access to Czech news papers, Czech televison and radio stations.
 Facts about Czech Republic
Location: Central Europe
Time: 1
Area of Czech Republic: 78866 sq km
Czech Population: 10.2 million
Czech Capital: Prague
Population in Prague: 1.4 million
Major Czech Cities: Prague, Brno, Plzen and Kutna Hora.
Bordering Countries : Austria 466.3 km, Germany 810.3 km, Poland 761.8 km, Slovakia 251.8 km
Czech Government: Republic
Language: Czech
Religion: Roman Catholic 27%, Protestant 2%, unaffiliated 59% (2001)
Electricty: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
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 Czech News Papers
The press
- Czech National Daily News Papers in Czech Republic
- Czech Tabloid News Papers in Czech Republic
- Prague Based Daily News Papers in Czech Republic
- Magazines Published in Czech Republic
- Business and Finance News Papers in Czech Republic

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 Czech Television & Radio
- National Czech TV Channel 1 in Czech Republic
- National Czech TV Channel 2 in Czech Republic
- Czech News Television in Czech Language
- Commercial TV Stations in Czech Republic
- Satellite TV Stations in Czech Republic
- Cable TV Stations in Czech Republic
- Czech Internet TV from Czech Republic and Abroad

- Public Czech radio stations include flagship Czech national networks
- News and business Czech Radio Stations
- Pop music and entertainment radio stations in Czech Republic
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